Michael Wilks

Town Planner, Suffolk County Council


Michael is a Town Planner by profession, with first class Masters degrees in Urban and Regional Planning (Westminster) and Ecology (Aberdeen) to go with a first class Bachelors degree in Geography (Leeds).

Michael has worked at Suffolk County Council since 2008 and has built up unparalleled Local Authority experience in Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIP) as both a statutory consultee (to schemes such as Sizewell Cnew nuclear power station) and now as the promoter for two highway schemes, having secured Directions for both under s35 of the Planning Act.

Michael is the NSIP subject specialist for the Planning Officers Society and a regular contributor to conferences, articles and discussions on NSIP matters. He joined the National Infrastructure Planning Association (NIPA) Council in 2014 and the Board in 2016.

Michael lives in rural Suffolk with his wife and two young children, where he is also the vice-chairman of the Parish Council and chair of its Planning Committee.

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