Darryl Chen

Partner , Hawkins/Brown

He is a partner at leading UK architecture practice HawkinsBrown where he leads the urban design and research studio, delivering masterplans for brownfield sites, housing estates, campuses, science parks, urban districts and public spaces. Darryl has a hands-on design role translating complex briefs into practical design solutions. He champions innovation within the practice under the auspices of the &also thinktank, a research vehicle that speculates on future directions for architecture and urbanism. Darryl regularly writes and speaks on innovation and urban design both in publication and at speaking engagements. Notably, in 2012 he was invited to exhibit at the Venice Biennale, and in 2014 was invited to speak and judge at the World Architecture Forum. Darryl is a member of the Croydon Place Review Panel, and a trustee of the London Society, advocating for good future-facing design in the capital that meaningfully values the past.