How To Enter

Entry is open to any individual, organisation or partnership involved in professional planning work, or related activities such as placemaking, regeneration, urban design and economic development. Entries are welcomed from the public, private or voluntary/community sector, anywhere in the UK.

Your submission
Please provide the following information
  • Name of plan, project, initiative, team, organisation or individual being entered
  • Name of organisation submitting entry
  • 200 words explaining how it meets the general criteria
  • 300 words explaining how it meets the category-specific criteria
  • 150 words explaining if/how your entry displays the following: Originality; potential for long-lasting impact; the involvement of, and benefit to, local people; value for money and/or financial viability
  • 100 words summarising the nature of the work being entered, and why it deserves an award - If the entry is related to a single project, explanation of what planning stage it is at (eg pre-planning, application submitted, outline permission granted, full permission granted, completed (ie built)


All projects will be judged in accordance with how well they meet both the general criteria and the category-specific criteria

Please note that in some categories the general and category-specific criteria will overlap. This may mean that, in order to demonstrate that your entry meets both general and category-specific criteria, you need to repeat points made in one section in other sections. Please don't worry about doing this - the important thing is to demonstrate clearly that you meet the criteria.

General criteria 
  1. In evaluating all entries, the judges will above all else be looking for evidence that entries have improved or are likely to improve the physical or environmental quality of a place or the economic or social well-being of a community. 
  2. The judges will also be looking for some or all of of the following qualities: 
  • Originality 
  • The potential for long-lasting impact 
  • Involvement of, and benefit to, local people 
  • Value for money and/or financial viability 

Support Material
You need to supply a minimum of one high resolution image (jpeg, 300dpi minimum) to illustrate your entry. These images may be used in the awards supplement, the audio-visual presentation on the night, the awards website and in our online coverage of the awards, should your entry reach the shortlist.

Additionally, where appropriate, visual support material, such as plans (e.g. ground floor plans, site plans and/or location plans), drawings, good quality photographs, videos or architectural visualisations can be uploaded to support your entry. ‘Before’ and ‘after’ photographs can be very helpful.

You may, if you wish, support your entry with additional material such as performance figures, evaluations, inspection reports, press cuttings or testimonials to back up statements made in your submission. This must be limited to three single-side sheets of A4. 

You can upload a total of 50MB of support material, consisting of a maximum of three items of visual support material and three A4 pages worth of other material. 

If you have video footage or a case study you can include a link to the video on the entry form.


All entries must relate to work either carried out or completed since 1 October 2018.

You should make clear in the entry when your work took place, so that the judges can satisfy themselves that it took place within the eligible period.

Entry deadlines and prices

Early Bird entry deadline and prices: 
Tuesday 11 February
Primary entry: £180 +VAT per entry
Secondary entry/ies: £160 +VAT per entry

Standard entry deadline and prices: 
Tuesday 25 February
Primary entry: £280 +VAT per entry

Charity rate:
£90 +VAT per entry

Key dates

Key Dates

Entry Launch: 7 October 

Early Bird Deadline: 11 February

Standard Deadline: 25 February 

Shortlist Announcement: April 

Event Date: June 

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