Barton Park, Oxford

Barton Oxford


Submission Summary:

Driven by the critical need to deliver homes within the City, Oxford City Council entered into a joint venture with Grosvenor (Barton Oxford LLP) to develop one of the last key sites of scale in the City capable of bringing about lasting benefit to the neighbouring communities.

The partnership has been founded on using land value capture to deliver over 350 affordable homes with the joint venture structured to enable the delivery of social and physical infrastructure , including a new junction on the A40. Early planning and agreed partner objectives has been critical in aligning public and private interests around regeneration issues, which have been a driving policy force through the Area Action Plan to the provisions of the Section 106 Agreement.

Barton Park is now one of the first demonstrator sites for the NHS Healthy New Towns programme, set up to explore how new settlements can address major healthcare challenges.

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