City Living Preston (CLP)

Preston City Council (PCC) and Hive Land & Planning (Hive)


Submission summary: In 2009/10 a net total of five additional dwellings were delivered across Preston. In 2018/19 over 900 additional dwellings were constructed in the Preston and South Ribble urban area. City Living Preston (CLP) is the principal driving force behind this transformational acceleration in housing delivery, with 800 additional residential units consented on centrally-located and brownfield sites. CLP provides the overarching framework for a housing growth strategy for the City, comprising a series of planning policy documents, a comprehensive evidence base and a plan to de-risk sites through a programme of interventions. The strategy is a pro-active response to market failure around the delivery of housing within Inner Preston.

CLP has provided a combination of approaches that has rapidly accelerated the delivery of homes and regeneration, including: securing Housing Zone and LAAC status from Homes England; the adoption of a detailed strategy and programme; regeneration masterplans; and the launching of a CLP investment prospectus. The strategy adopted has specifically sought to attract interest from local SME developers, linking it to supporting the Council’s approach on maximising local spend through the Preston Model.

All of the above measures taken by PCC and Hive L&P have had a transformational impact on increasing housing delivery within Inner Preston, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to facilitate development, support the housing market and deliver long-term benefits to local communities.

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