Pydar Regeneration

Inner Circle Consulting in partnership with PRP


Submission summary: Pydar is transformational for the marginalised community of Truro (Outline Planning Application submitted in January 2020). We believe it is award-winning for three reasons:

1) Depth of collaboration
- Goes well beyond good levels of engagement;
- Is community-led;
- Joins previously disjointed key stakeholders (see question 1) to develop a regeneration scheme they are proud of.

2) Socio-economic impact
- Will stimulate retail, leisure and tourism;
- Increases civic pride, happiness and liveability;
- Enables sustainable transportation modes;
- Takes an innovative approach to funding for long-term socio-economic gain.

3) Future-oriented & resilient
- Supports inclusive growth and living;
- Prioritises sustainable design/construction;
- Designed for generations to come.

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