Victoria Potts

Planning Policy Manager, East Hampshire District Council


About I am all about positive planning, through effective communication, supporting growth and development and creating a sense of place. I'm currently responsible for the Planning Policy Service at East Hampshire District Council, which encompasses planning policy, community infrastructure and heritage. With successes of a Site Allocations Local Plan and the adoption of the Community Infrastructure Levy Charging Schedule in 2016, I am currently leading the production of a new Local Plan. I am an expert in plan-making, having worked in planning policy all my career, across various political administrations. I have a proven track record of delivering key corporate projects for East Hampshire District Council and for its clients. I have developed trust and credibility in the plan-making process with members, the public and key stakeholders. My proactive attitude means that I will always look for solutions to deliver the best outcome. I have a natural curiosity and like to challenge current thinking and try new ways of working. I'm ambitious in leading projects, not wanting to follow what has gone before but to modernise, find new ways of working and have positive influence on how people think about and perceive planning. lead a successful team and am proud to have won EHDC leader of the year in 2016. I support the development of in house planners helping to retain a well resourced, multi skilled team, capable of delivering corporate projects and generating income. Above all, I am driven by being able to make my mark, through successful plan-making and through cultural change to help deliver a modern planning service. To relax there is nothing I enjoy more than a country dog walk. When I get the chance, I love to scuba dive in tropical seas or try to ski on beautiful mountains.

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