John Walker

Previously Director of Planning, Westminster City Council


John Walker is a member of the Royal Town Planning Institute, Major Developers Group, the Architecture Club and the Planning Officers Society. He has worked at Westminster City Council for over 33 years as a planner. Westminster lies in the heart of London and with three-quarters of the City situated within Conservation Areas and over 12,000 listed buildings it is the busiest planning authority in the UK. The pressure for development is intense with over 12,500 applications for planning permission and listed building consent handled every year.

John is currently the Director of Planning in Westminster, overseeing all development planning, building control, highways planning and tree work. Westminster is rarely out of the news with headline development sites such as Chelsea Barracks, Knightsbridge Barracks, St Johns Woods Barracks, Victoria Nova, New Scotland Yard, Admiralty Arch, the Old War Office, the restoration of Buckingham Palace, the Palace of Westminster, the US Embassy on Grosvenor Square, Westminster Holocaust Memorial or the recent demand for more statues in Parliament Square and the World Heritage Site review.

John regularly participates in Government review boards, which has included the Telecommunications Stakeholder working party, Tree Preservation Order working group, Barker Report, Killian Pretty Review, Housing Standards Review, the Home Office’s proposals for regulating Prostitution and the CLG Sounding Board for the Permitted Development Rights Review. More recently John has done work for organisations such as the Planning Officers Society and CLG on Underground Extensions, the Government White Paper on Housing Reform, the Government review of permitted development rights for commercial development, Government review of Daylight and Sunlight standards including rights of light, Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband reviews.

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